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About Us


The Masontown United Methodist Church was built  in 1909. Several generations have grown-up attending Masontown United Methodist Church.  The church has been involved with the Preston County Buckwheat Festival for more then 50 years. Every year around the end of summer the church begins it's journey with preparing Apple Butter the old fashion way to sell at the Buckwheat dinners held at the Street's Youth Center. The community comes together to help and assist with the serving over 3000 Buckwheat dinners served right here at Masontown Church. Every year it begins the last week of September. If you know anyone from the area and you mention Masontown church they will probably say "You know that is the church that has the Valley Food Pantry". They help many families in the Valley District.  Before the summer is over, we reach out to the youth of the community to gather as many children together to hold Vacation Bible School. It is a time of fellowship, singing, teaching stories of the Bible as well as refreshments and games. Watch our outside information board for the dates in July. As you can see from our picture below, we encourage both children and parents to join us in this meaningful time of fellowship and fun. We welcome all that would like to join us in worship, and would like you to join our church family. If you are looking for a place to worship where people want to get to know you and can be your friend, come see us. We are brothers and sisters in the name of Christ and we will welcome you one and all to our church family in Masontown West Virginia.

Our Mission:


Love God,

Love your neighbor

serve the community

and the world. 

Masontown United Methodist Church

Pastor Maria Wiblin

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